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Unfortunately, there is no way to determine if the pen is actually recording audio without the OLED indications thus rendering useless one of its primary functions. If tapped on the correct images, it can function as a calculator, for example, or can translate words the translator software as shipped includes only 21 words in a small selection of languages – as of September there are no public plans to make a full version of this translator available [2]. Related Content ” “. How do you know if the pen is recording? In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

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Go to the next image to find out what else is needed to record. The Livescribe 3 currently has support on iOS and Android. Attached to the organic light-emitting diode screen is the second printed circuit board. The electricity required to perform all of the pen’s functions comes from a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

The SDK was based on Java, and applications ran directly on the pen itself. University of California, Berkeley, School of Information.

The Livescribe paper-based computing platform consists of a digital pendigital papersoftware applications, and developer tools. You can’t have a pen without ink!

Archived from the original on March 5, The special paper is covered in microscopic dots. Notes and audio can be sent to other users as a “pencast” through the Livescribe Desktop software.


Livescribe developed a Penlet SDK livscribe allow application development for the smartpen.


The Livescribe Connect service, launched in Mayallows pencasts to be sent through e-mail, EvernoteFacebook, Google Docs, and other methods.

The built-in microphone on the pen can pick up small amounts of noise from writing on paper, and adjacent ambient noise is often louder than a far away speaker.

Archived from the original on August 16, A built-in microphone can pick up sounds and store them in the pen’s memory. The pattern indicates the exact liivescribe of the digital pen on the page, and each page has a unique identity so that they can be distinguished from each other.

licescribe The Anoto pattern consists of numerous small black dots in patterns that are essentially invisible to the human eye, but can be detected by the pen’s infrared camera. The smartpen allows the installation of as many applications as there is memory, and ships with several applications.

Retrieved 1 July The pen can store the data in its memory, or it can connect to a USB dock to send the information to a computer.

When writing, you are making a visual recording of pulsr thoughts. Human—computer interaction Computer-related introductions in Portable computers Writing implements Companies based in Oakland, California American companies established in Technology companies of the United States Technology companies established in You can also give instructions to the pen by tapping on specific parts of the dotted paper.


This allows users to replay portions of a recording by tapping on the notes they were taking at the time the livesvribe was made.

Inside a Livescribe Pulse Smartpen | HowStuffWorks

The product was initially available only for use with Microsoft Livescgibe computers, but version 1. Retrieved August 19, Along with the camera, special paper is also required to document a visual copy. Archived copy as title All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from June Official website not in Wikidata.

It does not have support on Windows or Windows Phone.

Charging a Pulse Smartpen

Retrieved June 18, This switch allows you pulss save the battery when you are just doodling on plain paper. For example, inDelta Air Lines accused the manager of Atlanta’s airport of using a Livescribe pen to illegally record a meeting of city and airline officials without their consent.

A speaker, the tiny dot beside the microphone, can play the sounds back. The smartpen is also able to record sounds.