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There is a lot of misconceptions about multiple processor systems especially a quad processor setup. What was very curious to me is, that also my WIndows10 Dual Screen setup was corrupted. In comparison, chipset RAID implementation is not even in the same league. The gigabit speed network has always worked. More importantly what is being done to bring performance similar to Windows on Steam OS?

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Obviously ID has a good implementation, but so does Croteam.

were can i find amd 780g chipset drivers??

Agree, this is good idea. You also could use mdadm, if you doesn’t like btrfs for some reason. Now i am using Ubuntu based distros Originally Posted by thorkelljarl.

However, the on-board GPU automatically deactivated itself, so that it was no longer available to create a CrossFire combination. But what if I also want the Vulkan runtime?

Linux and the Amd 780G chipset

Its a big shame that times since college i have tried to configure my graphics, something i failed sometime i did and it failed after updates, anyway for now i have tried Ubuntu, OpenSuse, Fedora, CentOS but nothings worked for me.

Hey all, This is really frustrating. The Phenom I has problems with Cool ‘n Quiet. On mine it was not.


Having said all that I run Linux Ubuntu – http: I appreciate the reply. There is just no need for supporting particular kernel releases, because kernel side of the driver is part of the kernel.

So I would be scared of buying a whole computer without a very good return policy in case it is a lemon. I have yet to see a MacPro build offering an AMD as an option any more in the long past, there were many. However i use Linux in office whole linuxx and in home to i study things running linux virtual box.

Once I’ve linuxx that part settled I’m pretty sure I can figure out the rest. Another was that nVidia is advertising with a certain bonus bundle a small gift in the form of a Heroes of the Storm bundle but then doesn’t readily specify immediately, mad makes you believe, that the bundle is available with every purchase, but only a very select group of retailers participate in the action. The freezing happened at Page 1 of 2.

If not, would you be able to send a link to error logs? Now i could be much more detailed regarding these problems but my job is not to troubleshoot the systems so i can not do this whole day,i just get machine to run properly more or less so it could run with tasks needed to be done. Is your code that crappy? Like Liked by 1 person.


Hybrid-Crossfire – AMD G Chipset- Full-HD Playback with a Sempron

I think the issue is the size of the driver development teams. Still a good place to find info on what can work well. That okay for something like 2xxx-6xxx, but not okay for GCN-based 7xxx and up. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions of these licenses, you do not have a license to any of the AMD software provided by this download. I did a bunch of tests with a Linux liveCD and everything was perfect. You might want to check.

Thank you very much. That support email liunx is here: The CrossFire option in the graphics driver does not differentiate between the hybrid solution and the conventional dual-card combination.

This file is automatically generated by mhwd with the following content:. Reading the manpage helped me to understand some of the options or at least led me to Google other questions I had.