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Speaking of thumbnails, you won’t be able to browse by thumbnails as you can on the iPod. We’re also not crazy about the proprietary Y cable with USB and charger connections at one end and a proprietary connector at other, but at least the device can charge via USB. Best MP3 Players for Instead, you must use the Select and Back buttons flanking the strip. Hooking this player to an FM Transmitter, you notice a significant difference in sound when played over your car speakers. Why cause on Cnet.

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The iRiver H10 20 GB is alright.

Rockbox iriver H10 20GB Daily Builds

The 20GB iRiver H10 outclasses most of the high-capacity competition in the features department, with a built-in FM tuner, a voice recorder, and a photo-friendly color screen. When I first started looking at MP3 players, the H10 provided me with all the features that I was looking for: Show less Show more. Continue to next page 01 Uriver primary music option uses the file ID3 tags to break down your library by artist, album, genre, title, and playlist, as opposed to the folder-based categorization seen in previous iRiver products.

2 And unfortunately, you can’t use the touch strip to fly through photos; instead, you need to use the awkwardly placed Back and Forward controllers.

As a reasonable guesstimate, while scrolling my finger at somewhat quick speeds, I could scroll through about a dozen folders in a single swipe of the strip.

iriver H10 series – Wikipedia

This player comes with an FM Tuner that can be used to record songs right onto the device, a microphone for recording, photo capability, and amazing plug-n-play ease for easy transfer. First, there’s no Now Playing option, so it’s difficult to get back to the main player screen. The cradle will not be available until September. It’s a long stretch from the bottom of the strip all the way up to the Select button, and the buttons are flush on the front and not easy to feel.


We wish iriver had incorporated the H’s highest-quality recording setting of Kbps, as well as voice activation and mic sensitivity adjustment.

iriver H10 (20GB)

Now, with the release of the iriver H10 20GB, the company brings ease of use to its high-capacity offerings. Now, Mac users and old-school PC users beware: As well, it also supports JPG files for photos, though as the unit doesn’t feature any sort of video output then you can’t view them on a larger screen. Ok I am old school frugal to some learned to others some features I just dont want or need viewing by album art wont find it on the I River H10 why are you going to sit there and mentally know who sang what on what album??

But if all you’re looking for is ease of use and a reliable, good-sounding player, the iPod should still be at 200 top of your list. Still though, the basic functionalities of the player are excellent.

We were able to get Obviously, most people won’t be doing this. And to make matters worse, iriver has discontinued the H, so this is now its only 20GB offering.

Rockbox iriver H10 20GB Daily Builds

For example, unless you have big 200, not the little things you have in your ears, the iRiver has this little fuzzy noise. Here is the story: Takes only about 15 minutes to charge, where the ipod takes like 3 hours.


One thing that bothered us about the popular but short-lived H was its confusing controller gg, and iRiver has made the H10 much easier to control–however, it’s not perfect. So what you wind up with is a bunch of extra features that are sorta neat, but not great. The color LCD is 1. Once a track is playing, using the touch strip will change volume, pressing O will bring up the EQ menu and pressing the back arrow will take you back to the song list, though it doesn’t pause the current track, which is nice.

As mentioned, it’s easier to acclimate to the iRiver H10’s touch strip than the Creative Zen Micro’s. The various equalizers and personal equalizer settings you can establish with this player amaze me. Best MP3 Players for Down below is a proprietary dock-connector port.

Additional Product Features Battery Type. It’s a good thing, too–without a dedicated volume control our second gripeit’s necessary to return to this screen to turn down the volume with the touch strip. Good sound quality, very good ease of use, and the convenient extra features certainly should put it in the running for your next or first MP3 player.