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I’m sure it would take just a few key bindings to get those buttons working, but I use my speakers more often than headphones on my laptop so I haven’t tried it yet. What you may want to check out is if your mixer has separate channels for the headphone jack. Scared me though, when I rebooted and the start up sound came blasting through the speakers. Mary Gardiner puzzlement wrote on I got a Zepto WD Computer. I also just installed ubuntu- 7. Here are Marius’ steps slightly modified.

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Anyone willing to tell me how I can apply those patches? Comment on this change optional.

IntelĀ® High Definition Audio (IntelĀ® HD Audio)

Compiling manually, and patching with the patch from the alsa bugtracker, and specifying a model to the module, works for me. July 17th, 2. I will attach to this bug the informations asked on https: July 17th, soind. The fully-opened volume applet shows four devices: To turn yours on: Preview Download View No errors also during the reboot.


I can confirm no sound on a new Lenovo Y with a fresh Kubuntu Gusty install with: This does still exist in kernel 2. TV’s Comedy with an Edge to see what’s on, when. You have to switch between devices in the Alsa mixer to control the headphones and the onboards separately.

ICH8 intel HD audio

Found the solution for that problem here: There was a developer on the alsa irc channel on Freenode that helped me with a similar issue. After a restart, sound works! If you can find the right model to give the module, the module source can be patched to fix the issue.

Getting more otput prove to be inpossible at this point.

The laptop will not boot from extern cd-rom anymore – wird stuff. But the built-in mic doesn’t. Have tried playing with levels, alsamixer, etc.

Saldanha saldanha99 on Also the little light that normally is blue stating that my computer is not muted wont turn blue its always stays orange. Fernanda Weiden fernanda wrote on My sound test above was done with l-u-m Must I post this info on lauchpad or only when I find the solution? Now, my kernel has Make sure you have the backports package installed, didn’t work last time I tested this without the package.


Using Sony s so not cheap set either. Hope this information is of some use.

I have an hp pavilion dv with the same audio problem. No windows in my house, I didn’t like to look outside anyway: Error when “making” alsa driver rolotomasee ScootyPuffSnr: Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The audio and the modem are tied up together on the hardware side, or an IRQ may have been mis-assigned in the bios.