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July 5, at 5: Sometimes, users may need to disable the USB ports on a computer to prevent device interaction. Please contact the vendor of your USB device to ask about a newer driver. May 3, at 6: If you wish to use your USB device on your work computer or stop anyone from using your computer to transfer data, then follow these steps to uninstall USB drivers:. What particular cloud storage and productivity based sites would work depends on your IT department methods they used since no method, outside of offline and complete striped computer, would completely block everything without compromising productivity. There is nothing illegal about this post imo.

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May 16, at 8: I can enable the ‘USB Storage’. United States – English.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. November 3, at So what I want to do is. I’ve tested on multiple computers, same result. This is called loopback processing. So to “undo” the effect of a GPO, you need to invert the Diaable, wait until it is applied to all computers, then remove it or move it to the OU and then invert it again.

Be aware that changing any values improperly can cause errors or Windows to not boot. Apart from being a capable engineer, her affinity for inscription draws her towards writing interesting content about contemporary technologies and progressions. The USB is disabled on workstation, but when i log in with a user that has a full access permission usbwtor the security of the usbstor.


How can I prevent users from connecting to a USB storage device?

If you follow the step-by-step guide pcs ‘must’ be rebooted as the policy you are applying is to computers on the network and policies are applied on connection to a network which happens during the boot-up process. There is probably a very good reason why your USB stick does not work at school or work. Click OK to apply changes. People may also use the 3rd way but not necessary to install another software or tool for doing this.

If setting Usstor to 3 doesn’t help I don’t know what’s going on. INF and what do I see – it becomes available and the registry key resets to “3”. Select Enabledthen click Applyand click OK.

How to disable USB sticks and limit access to USB storage devices on Windows systems

What you could do is change the security settings configured by this GPO to deny access to a particular group instead of allowing access for admins as I suggest in my article. December 28, at 6: Maybe a couple of storage sites maybe be blocked or their scripts maybe blocked. Now how do you unlock it? I work in he medical field as well disabpe have for more than 32 years. I believe many times; in fact, every time you try to use the USB drive, you are not allowed, simply because the administrator has disabled USB drive detection on your Windows system.


That is why a part of the people here say “it works for me”, but another argue that.

How to Enable or Disable USB ports In Windows 7

June 12, at 1: Can u post the details? November 12, at Connect a USB memory stick or a similar device. I tried the IntelliAdmin but i cant download it because i cant access my email on the computer. You have to go right into where the administrator has been.

If disablee dont have Admin rights on your PC. Click back on Services and Drivers in Administrative Templates.

GetValue “Start” ; Console. October 1, at 1: I got it set up, and tried to push the GPO using security groups for the scope.