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That’s why, every few years, another big problem in the UAH temperature calculation is discovered. Fire now, or I’ll have you all relieved. Thanks for listening and please welcome our guest Jean Jacques Duhot. Arbalest’s pilot hadn’t been in the best of mental places throughout the story, though once Tessa makes her decision, Mardukas follows orders. No “why” questions answered. This personality trait, of course, makes her very disliked, a fact she loves. Ten years later, during the Hand of Thrawn duology, Pellaeon, through hard work and by outliving his superiors , is the Empire’s Supreme Commander, and Captain Ardiff is his Commander Contrarian.

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Nazis, shoddy science, and the climate contrarian credibility gap

This is called a ” Devil’s Advocate ;” the basic idea is that, even though they may actually agree with the plan, they want to make sure out of principle that the leader doesn’t do anything they can’t clearly defend against criticism, and might have missed something. In their opinion piece, Christy and McNider present a graph that’s supposed to prove their argument that climate models have overestimated global warming.

Otherwise though, it was an enjoyable 30 minutes.

Their main purpose in the plot is to naysay and find flaws in the hero’s plans so the others can fight physical and social obstacles. Clearly a lot of information packed into this video that will either, reassure you have been looking at some important trends or it will steer you in a direction where opportunities lay.


And because that pool of contrarian climate experts is so small, their credibility often seems indestructible. It is especially telling when candidates get the nomination for promising to never compromise, as seen here.

I loved the format, and look forward to more of these in the future! Nambu from time to time dontrarian is actually a bit of a hothead.

Picard, at least, believes that it is the job of the first officer: Whoever’s on top, whoever’s in power, whoever’s successful, you gotta be on viision other side or you don’t feel like the smartest guy in the room.

Adding a third perspective is really valuable. A rare example of a commander being this is Ken, who argues with Dr.

Contrarian calls and macro opportunities – Real Vision

Said person was there specifically to argue against the canonization. This episode was a great start!

In other words, ” opposition makes you strong, so help folks by opposing them “. Oh, she’s just pro-anti.

Cera of The Land Before Time series falls into this trope quite easily. Well, I got some bad news for you, Dwayne. It seems like everybody wants to be a contrarian these days. That chat worked well, really informative for traders. This was Greg Wheldon on speed!


Implementing The Contrarian Model | Jean Jacques Duhot, Arctic Blue Capital

You should invite him to cayman on the house if he does some work for you while he is there. Adam Carolla is known for this shtick, which is what makes his podcast, The Adam Carolla Visionnso entertaining. Zacharias Smith in Order of the Phoenix. This is because he wants credit for the yim victory at the dam, while Hanlon got all the credit for the last one. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Yesterday, Roy Spencer took to his blog, writing a post entitled ” Time to push back against the global warming Nazis “.

106 Implementing The Contrarian Model with Jean Jacques Duhot of Arctic Blue Capital – 1of2

I really enjoy this format. Read more from Michael Batnick: Thus there are two essential ingredients for profit in a declining market: Being Good, Evil, Lawful, or Chaotic obviously defeats the purpose.

And also, taking the trend by cutting it into parts. All white, very bright, nothing interesting. Senate so “bipartisanship” becomes Democrats joining Republicans to roll back the size of government.