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A Java stored procedure that looks up the name of a city given a ZIP code might look like this again, code for handling errors and exceptions is omitted for brevity:. With its combination of robust SQL features, support for Java technology, security, and embeddable, pure Java architecture, Derby is the data management product of choice for data-driven Java applications. This unique combination of technical capabilities allows application developers to build data-driven applications that are pervasive run anywhere , deployable downloadable , manageable, extensible, and connectable. There are a few right now, but Cloudscape isn’t one of them. These characteristics make it easy to download Derby applications together with their database or run them from a CD-ROM.

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For example, when Cloudscape is running in the Cloudconnector environment, a client application might use the following database connection URL:. Use this command to be entered on one line to start Cloudview: When a database is deployed to a remote or mobile location, it is not possible to use physical security to prevent unauthorized access to data.

Please type your message and try again. Subsubprotocolwhich is not typically specified, determines how Cloudscape looks for a database: You can not post a blank message.

At times, you might notice Derby and Cloudscape being used as synonyms, and you might see the core database engine referred to as Cloudscape, especially in other IBM developerWorks technical articles and when referring to older Cloudscape releases. Driver Normally, the driver is part of the Weblogic installation.


Class iver

JBoss installed, no prob. Buy Contact Blog Community Log in. You can specify attributes and attribute values to a database connection URL. Do not include the swingall. If the data files can be read, a sophisticated user could decode the information they contain. Use the File menu to open an existing database, or create a new one. Jxbcdriver Hope this helps too. The IBM Cloudscape referral page contains links cloudscapee to help you find information on Apache Derby sites as an alternative to the information previously posted at IBM.

With that in mind, this section clarifies what is in the Apache Derby software and what is in the IBM Cloudscape product. A Java stored procedure consists of Java code that is callable from SQL, runs in the database server, and accesses the database. Subsubprotocol is one of cloudsdape following:.

For an encrypted database to be usable, a boot password must be provided when the database is first started.

Derby supports a simple, built-in mode for maintaining an internal list of authorized users. You also learned how to take advantage of Java integration to create Java functions and stored procedures. Derby can be run under a Java 2 security manager.


Subsubprotocol is one of the following: Listing 2 shows the schema for the tables. This evaluation version will not expire, but it is restricted to store only a limited amount jsbcdriver data.

Class COM.cloudscape.core.JDBCDriver

You can download the driver from the IBM web site. This makes the database data and its logic into a single, self-contained application package. PoolDriver You need to buy the driver on the official i-net web site. We mention features you probably won’t recognize cloudscaps, but rest assured that they are described later in this technical article.

Cloudscape Version A technical overview

It will clash with the Swing classes already included in weblogicaux. The data in the database disk files is stored in a portable format, so that databases can be easily transported from machine to machine regardless of the CPU architecture of each machine. Forums Downloads Projects Buzz.

No data exists in clear-text form in the database files. Or, add the property java.