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The Asus V2JE is equipped with a fast 2. The webcam draws you in, and also the silver accent around the touchpad with the fingerprint reader in the middle of the buttons. I normally test battery life under the following settings to maximize battery life for real life usage. The horizontal viewing angles are very wide. If you require more battery life and do not mind carrying 2 batteries then this may be an option for you. The touchpad also gets warm.

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The V2JE comes with a few goodies that are packed with the laptop. The docking station has a variety of ports that allow users to connect more devices. The notebook has a great screen with a higher than normal resolution x compared to other 14 notebooks.

The horizontal viewing angles are very wide. This is a great feature for those people who need to be on the internet at high speeds on the road. Visit our network of sites: At the top of the lid where the webcam is located, there is a considerable amount of flex, and the entire top portion does move.

The touchpad buttons are also good, they have an ergonomic shape and the pressure required to press them is decent.

I felt comfortable typing on the notebook. The sizing of the keys is great. Bluetooth technology allows users to connect up to 8 wireless devices such as a mouse, keyboard, headset, cell phone and more.


The overall design and quality is good, I would feel confident in using this notebook daily for school or work and even some graphic demanding tasks. Overall I am happy that the vent is on the left side since I use mouse on the right hand side.

I feel very comfortable using the laptop in any position and remain confident the screen will hold its position.

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The middle of the keyboard has some flex and the right side of the laptop has little to no flex. The Windows Experience Index shows how well your computer is compared to what Vista demands. Asus provides a spill proof keyboard that can withstand a small spill of your drink.

The wrist pads, also known as palm rests, are indeed very strong, giving very little flex when excessive amounts of pressure is applied. It offers so many features and flexibility. This is nice since my cables often get tangled with ssus other.

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The weight of the laptop is 5. By removing these programs it will free up resources and will make your laptop run smoother and faster.

This display size represents a treshold between the small sizes of subnotebooks and ultrabooks and the standard-sizes of office- and multimedia laptops on the other hand. Asus is known for making quality products, let s look into how the V2JE performs under certain stress tests of quality. This tests the overall performance of the laptop. The WiFi worked great, it was very fast around the store I was testing this in.


Asus V2Je Review

The sound card is a Realtek High Definition Audio. The V2 and W3 are roughly the same in thickness only millimeters in difference. The vertical azus angles are not so good, they only allow for a little leeway before they wash out. This is just like the W3 series, it closes shut and stays that way, and it will not open on its own.

v2ie The bottom of the lid is strong, where the hinges are located, I am able to apply a considerable amount of pressure to the lid. This will allow you to connect to the internet wirelessly using a special service, and it is much faster than the previous 3G technology.

The V2JE offers a sleek design with silver accenting. The 6 cell battery has mah and The treble and bass are clear and crisp. The keyboard is black with white lettering that is slightly grey.