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Your ECU may call it something else, but there is probably a similar offset number that tells the computer how snappy, or how sluggish, the injectors are. Back to Top Is the VersaFueler hard to install? To order 6 flow matched injectors , select the type you want, then click Add to Cart. So how do low impedance injectors get around problem? Since you will need 96’ers, why not take a stab at tuning them on the stock PCM before investing in additional hardware? Throttle response on the street would just about snap the passenger’s head off! Simply select the option you want from the product list, then click the Add to Cart button.

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I lived with it, it would load up the plugs if I idle too long, but just needed some boost to clean it up lol All of our injector sets are carefully flow matched using our computer-controlled flow bench.

Acceleronics Versafueler w/ 96# Injectors question?

This is a much more expensive circuit, and one that generates a bunch ijjector heat inside the computer. We have seen variations in opening time as large as 0.

Will the VersaFueler run my stock injectors? Why not just run high impedance 60s or 80s? And while most people agree that car thieves are bad and should be punished, many people don’t think that someone who copies a patented design is a criminal.


Acceleronics VersaFueler Injector Driver

Acceleronics stocks fuel injectors from Bosch, Delphi, Lucas, and Siemens. Here’s the real key: So why bother with low-impedance injectors if they’re harder to run? You will need to change the number that tells your computer how big the new injectors are.

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Swap in those big injectors. Even though they are high-impedance, they’re light enough that the small current can yank them open quickly. If you removed larger-than-stock high-impedance injectors, your new injectors will probably open more quickly, so you may need another adjustment. The VersaFueler provides separate “peak and hold” logic circuits for each injector. To order your VersaFueler, click Add to Cart. Your question will be posted in:. Simply select the option you want from the product list, then click the Acceleroonics to Cart button.

The s work great for E85, and we have many sets on gasoline street cars making way over rwhp. JM – the first post in this thread has some good info on how to get 96’ers to run on a stock PCM. Suppose your engine works like this: You need bigger injectors, but big high impedance injectors are sluggish, causing poor throttle response and a ragged idle.

Fuel pressure pushing on the back side of these bigger valves makes them accdleronics to open, which really means slower to open.


I have Harlans Box and Precision 96 ers and mine idles just fine Email me if you have any further questions after trying my suggestions up top on the link TaQuickness put up. But you can’t run low-impedance injectors that way or you will burn them out! You will have no issues. Written by Jeff Stevens. There is so many mixed results with this Im on the fence.

Acceleronics VersaFueler Injector Driver |

But just as a lock can be broken if a thief wants to steal your car, a patent can be ignored if a thief wants to steal your design. Here’s an example of the 0. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, accleeronics affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

Im sure that now that I have more displacement it will be fine. The fast injector is fully open for 2.

Virtually all cars come with high-impedance injectors. To order your VersaFueler and 8 flow matched injectors, select the injector size, then click Add to Cart.